Corps de Chantier
Associated Artist to Le plus petit cirque du monde, independant cultural center promoting Circus arts.

Since 2018, video Residencies led together with Irvin Anneix gave birth to a series of films created with yound talents and teasers for various shows.

Corps de Chantier, 15 min, 2018

“Corps de chantier” 
Facing the camera, circus artists and dancers invest the urban space and peculiar architecture of a city in mutation, now part of the Grand Paris.
From the construction site of a new metro line, to the intemporal retro-futuristic buildings, the city in construction becomes a space for artistic exploration.

A project created with Irvin Anneix during a residency at Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde in Bagneux, with the support of the city of Bagneux, with the artists Markerson François, Amandine Saint-Martin, Natty Montella, Thibaut Brignier et Mathieu Lagaillarde (La Meute), Blanca Ivonne Franco, André Rosenfeld Sznelwar, Nicolo Bussi et Magdalena Vicente Demaestri (Duo zenzero et cannella).