Design & Crafts

As co-founder and artistic director of IMMATTERS studio, I direct short films on the research and the processes in crafts and design.


Olivier de Serres JPO 2021
Introductory video series on the different sections and curriculum of the Design and Craft school Olivier de Serres.
Co-directed with Irvin Anneix, assisted by William Maes and Clémentine Debray

EnsadLab, Sofmatter Research Center

Microbiological Textile Futures

a film about a workshop on microbiological dyes led by Textiel Institute, Waag Society, EnsAD Paris 


Cardepar, Papier Plume Technology
a film about an innovation research programm and a new material manufacturing proposal.Project supported by PSL PARIS


Lowry London

Film series following a cabinet-maker Richard Lowry in the development his Brutalist-architecture-inspired collection. Reflecting on manufacturing individuality and uniqueness, he presents us his practice and the development of his pieces for the collection Sapele Brut and Variation Studies


Studio Marlene Huissoud

a video about a mural piece made out of specific crafted material out of silk cocoon and propolis


Of Insects and Men
a video about a collection of pieces and the material transformation


Press Cake
a video about a collection of pieces and its making process
residency for Vienna Design Week