En chantier
Film in progress
Collaboration with Irvin Anneix

Residency at Le plus petit cirque du Monde, Bagneux, France

“En chantier” is a video installation project.
Facing the camera, circus artists and dancers invest the urban space and peculiar architecture of a city in mutation, now part of the Grand Paris.
From the construction site of a new metro line, to the intemporal retro-futuristic buildings, the city in construction becomes a space for artistic exploration.

A project created with Irvin Anneix during a residency at Le plus petit cirque du monde in Bagneux, with the support of the city of Bagneux, with the artists Markerson François, Amandine Saint-Martin, Natty Montella, Thibaut Brignier et Mathieu Lagaillarde (La Meute), Blanca Ivonne Franco, André Rosenfeld Sznelwar, Nicolo Bussi et Magdalena Vicente Demaestri (Duo zenzero et cannella).

Project in progress