Fresh Ear

Participative event about multi-sensorial discovery of the ear.

Ear casting, live-stream, installation
Residency at A-Dash Space, Athens, Greece


Version FR

Fresh Ear is a participative event which took place in A-Dash Space in Athens, October 2017. I took over the neoclassical A-DASH house and created an immersive experience which led the visitors in a multi-sensorial discovery of the ear. I collaborated with sound artist Antoine Bertin.

Participants were taken through various staged rooms : the receptionist desk, the waiting room with an audio visual piece, and the operation room, where participants were taken individually through the various steps of ear casting. Each of them walked out of this experience with a cast of his/her own ear. A live stream of the 'operations' was projected on the walls of A-Dash's courtyard. The video here shows extracts of this live stream.

Project in colaboration with sound artist Antoine Bertin
Photos of the event by Zoe Hatziyannaki

The Waiting Room

The Operation Room