A video research on the subject of heat and its representability.On-going, in postproduction
Video, thermal imaging
Shiro Oni Studio Residency
Onishi, Gunma Ken, Japan

Version FR


Flame_Smoke_Ash ash ash

Netsu is a video research that explores the subject of heat through specific contexts and phenomena rooted in a particular region of Japan. The prefecture of Gunma is a mountainous territory, known for its volcanic and geothermal activity. I went there to film an artisanal ceramic practice, considering it as an act of geological mimicry.

The project creates a dialogue between the natural activity of the place and the baking of ceramics over a wood fire.
The images revolve around the surrounding elements: the thermal springs, the forest, the rivers, the rocks; the bodies of the craftsmen, the Anagama oven with its direct flames, the fire, the wood, the repeated acts, the excavation of the fired pieces, as well as the folklore which arises from them.
This visual weaving invites reflection on the interaction between phenomenon and resource in our vital and complex relation to heat.
This contemplative exploration interweaves thermal images (by infrared capture) and chimerical special effects.