A documentary film about the objects of our grandparents.Currently in post-production, directed together with: Yasmine Benabdallah & Irvin Anneix
Residency in middle schools


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Middle schoolers touch and take objects in their hands. The objects are their grandparents’, and in this act of touch, they take hold of their histories and heritage. Through 3D scanning and images that reflect, in their imperfections, the diluted memories that were passed on, the teenagers initiate the reappropriation of the objects and the stories they carry.

« Objet Relais » a video creation resulting from an artistic and educational work carried out over the 2019-2020 in two middle schools: one in Paris and one in Noisy-le-Grand, a suburban city in Seine-Saint-Denis.
Over this residency in 8th grade classes, we raised issues on rites of passage and transitions, initiating for each student some investigations on their transgenerational relations.

During the workshops, thirteen to fifteen years old students bring back to class trinkets, books or jewelry from their ancestors, comment on them and question them. They are discovering the preciousness of a heritage they never saw before. During an initiation into photogrammetry, they scan them in 3D, thus becoming the relay of their history for future generations.

Collective mixed media exhibition (scheduled for December 2022) at Maison des Métallos, co-produced by narrative, and co-funded by DICRéAM and Fonds images de la diversité.

In collaboration with Louise Gholam (3D animation), Gabriel Marguerie (musical composition)

This residency program is set up by the city of Paris with the “Art pour Grandir” plan, as well as the Seine-Saint-Denis department with “In Situ”.

The theme of transitions, particularly inspiring for adolescents, allowed us to address many facets of their lives. Three major transformations caught our attention: territorial, bodily and generational transitions. Each time, the students began by investigating themselves, their family and their territory by carrying out interviews, consulting writings, drawings, videos ... to finally restore the result of their work under the form of a printed edition of 96 pages.
Artistic residency lead with Yasmine Benabdallah, Hélène Combal-Weiss, Camille Gasser et Pablo Grand Mourcel, coordonnée par La Maison des métallos.

Design editor : Maison Solide. Content editor : Irvin Anneix avec l'aide d'Emma Roulin.